Saturday, January 8, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having...Bar Review?

Ok, so you *may* have noticed a slight absence on my part.  I should have explained.  This past fall was my last semester in law school.  So right around the beginning of December was exam time, which I totally check out for.  I hibernate during exams, so sorry.  Then we were out of town a lot with the holidays and all, so I am just now getting back to you.  So sorry- won't happen again... Well, maybe.

Anyway- I've got Bar Review going on right now- which means I'll be at my computer a lot "studying" for the bar exam, which means I'll probably start updating a little more frequently.  Seeing as my plan is to move after I finish the bar, a lot of posts may lean towards the home decor genre since that is what I will be drooling over for the next six months or so. 

Ok, so until next time- here are a few pictures of what went down chez-moi over the holidays...

My Sweets Swap Party:

Went and saw Ice! A Charlie Brown Christmas (everything is made of ice!)

Decorated the house....

Got my Bar Review books in the mail...

Got a set of 12 Days of Christmas plates from Pottery Barn!  LOVE!

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