Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ok, I haven't posted all week.  So sorry.  I have been *actually* busy.  This practically never happens and after this week shouldn't happen again until late November.  Don't worried, avid readers (reader? I doubt there is much more than one...), I will let you know if I plan to take a hiatus again!  Although in all honesty this week's was not 'planned', it just sorta happened.  I will post a picture for your entertainment, and I plan on being back bright and early (ok, lie) Monday morning (another lie... more like Monday mid-afternoon). 

Ok... a major 'fashion' DONT for cars...  TAAAAAACCKKKKYYYYY.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweet Potato!

 My puppy Tater Tot does not feel well today, so I am dedicating this post to him!  Poor Baby!!!

Tiny Tater (right) when he was only a pup!

 Just a little bigger than Chubb now...

Tater is so hood...

Pop that collar!

Oh no, he's huge!

So fancy at his photo shoot! ;)

Sticking his tongue out, haha!

Say what???

Sweet face!

He loves car rides!

Silly dog!

Baby's First Snow Day

Napping with Daddy!

Hey you're not suppose to be in here!

My beautiful baby!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


So I've recently run across a few new websites that I want to share...

Mix and match different products from your favorite stores to create "inspiration pages".  So much fun!  Seriously, I could do this all day.  It's not just fashion, you can do interior design, too. 
Here's my first one:
Welcome to Polyvore!

Also, get the latest on trends, where to shop, etc.

Funky Lunch
This is a really interesting food-turned-art site.  It started when a mom couldn't get her kids to eat their veggies, so she turned their veggies into this:

Needless to say, the kids loved it and eventually, her website was born.  Enjoy!

Create lists.  For us OCD'ers, this website will be addictive.  Just warning you...

Penelope Loves Lists
This is also a list-making website, but SOOO much more.  It is basically, in the author's own words, organization porn. Her motto : Inspiration for the apologetically organized soul.  You *will* love this website.  Subscribe via RSS, like I'm *sure* you're doing to my blog, riiiiiiiiiiiiight???


One Kings Lane & Rue La La
Designer at a Discount.  One Kings Lane is for home interiors, and you and subscribe w/o being invited, although when you sign up, I'd appreciate the shout-out.  Please list my blog as who invited you!  Rue La La is more exclusive.  They offer designer clothes at an extreme discount.  Email me for an invitation.  I can only send so many, so first come, first serve!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shoe Lust

Just a little shoe lust for your viewing pleasure...
Sorry I don't have much to say today.  But enjoy a little bit of shoe heaven, on me!



Valentino Peep-Toe Rosette Pump

  Valentino Studded Bow Pump
  Valentino Lace Couture d'Orsay


Newport News (cheap! check out their site!  all these are less that $50/pair)  & Spiegel

 Satin Rosette PumpPiped Platform Pump
Textured Double-Buckle Flat Houndstooth Flat

Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein Shoes, Rayven Pumps

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ladies in Lace...

Well, I did say I'd be "discussing" (aka, just posting pictures of them) the latest Fall trends, and lace is one of them...

RED Valentino, Lace Back Wool Dress

Chanel Goatskin Ballerina Flat with Lace Detail


Diane von Furstenberg at Bergdork Goodman's or Neiman Marcus

  Diane von Furstenberg Marlene Lace Clutch

The Look for Less...

Candie's Lace Bandage Dress at Kohl's ($48 on sale for $33.60)
  Candie's Lace Bandage Dress
 Sam Edelman "Caper" flat at Dillard's (ok, $99 is still a lot for shoes, but it's waaaaay less than Chanel...)
Satin & Lace Clutch by Jessica McClintock at Macy's ($42)

Jessica McClintock Handbag, Satin & Lace Clutch

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fur Real?

A major fall trend this year is fur.

However, I live in Texas.  That means I will probably only ever have once or twice each year when the weather is actually cold enough to don a fur.

Fortunately, there are new ways to wear fur that don't require freezing cold temperatures.  Although you'd probably look a little silly in them in the summer heat, and should really wait for at least moderately cooler temps.

Dress by Gucci

Vest also by Gucci... (they have a *beautiful* line this fall, btw)

Furry Accessories!

"Marianna" Tote by Christian Louboutin

I *LOVE* this fur ring, btw.  Found it randomly at Gayle Friedman Design...


Ok, you'll need it to actually be cold to sport these looks:

Burberry Classic Trench + Fur =


This..."creation"... is also by Burberry.  I want to like it, I do.  I'm just not sure how I feel abt external fur shoulder pads...


Furry Frock, compliments of Neiman Marcus... Pologeorgis Knit Rabbit Poncho

Pologeorgis Knit Rabbit Poncho  

Also at Neiman's, Sophia Cashmere Scarf & Hat with Fur PomPoms

Sofia Cashmere Cashmere Scarf with Fur Pompom

And for those who want to go completely over the top, Chanel has you covered.  Literally.

Personally, I'll be skipping the gianormous furry boots trend, and sticking to something a little more traditional.  Here is a pleasant alternative...


The best furry things I could find online... my BABIES!!!

There are even special outfits just for them!  Courtesy of Juicy Couture!