Friday, September 24, 2010


So I've recently run across a few new websites that I want to share...

Mix and match different products from your favorite stores to create "inspiration pages".  So much fun!  Seriously, I could do this all day.  It's not just fashion, you can do interior design, too. 
Here's my first one:
Welcome to Polyvore!

Also, get the latest on trends, where to shop, etc.

Funky Lunch
This is a really interesting food-turned-art site.  It started when a mom couldn't get her kids to eat their veggies, so she turned their veggies into this:

Needless to say, the kids loved it and eventually, her website was born.  Enjoy!

Create lists.  For us OCD'ers, this website will be addictive.  Just warning you...

Penelope Loves Lists
This is also a list-making website, but SOOO much more.  It is basically, in the author's own words, organization porn. Her motto : Inspiration for the apologetically organized soul.  You *will* love this website.  Subscribe via RSS, like I'm *sure* you're doing to my blog, riiiiiiiiiiiiight???


One Kings Lane & Rue La La
Designer at a Discount.  One Kings Lane is for home interiors, and you and subscribe w/o being invited, although when you sign up, I'd appreciate the shout-out.  Please list my blog as who invited you!  Rue La La is more exclusive.  They offer designer clothes at an extreme discount.  Email me for an invitation.  I can only send so many, so first come, first serve!

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