Monday, September 20, 2010

Menswear, Military, & Mesh...

Yep, I said mesh.

We'll start with that:

Mesh Insert Cardigan by Clu ( see in greater detail... sry, Barney's isn't picture-thief friendly...)


Also by Clu, for Bloomingdales:

Laundry, by Shelli Segal... Mesh Sweetheart Necklace Dress (Bloomingdales, $185)

  Laundry by Shelli Segal Mesh Sweetheart Necklace Dress

Calvin Klein Sleeveless Mesh Dress

 Calvin Klein Dress, Sleeveless Mesh

Ok, now on to Menswear... not usually my favorite style, but I am digging some of this:

Alice Ritter for Barney's, Mona Ruffled Tailored Vest

(again, Barney's doesn't let me steal pics very well, so click to view better)

Thom Browne, women's line, for Barney's (click to view better):


Thom Browne Branches Out Into Women’s Wear

Leave it to Versace to come up with the best suit, though... swoon

Military means more than just structured.  This fall camo gets included!

Check out Prada's "Paillettes Continental" pattern available on clutches, wallets, and more:


 Knit Military Dress, Phoebe Couture


NSF Ranger Jacket, Barney', $195 (click for more detail)


 MARC by marc jacobs, silk painted camo scarf


If you're gonna go military... Hell Yes: Dior Buckle Detail Bootie& Cavaliere Buckle Bootie

  Dior Buckle Detail Bootie Dior Cavaliere Buckle Bootie

Ok, not exactly military, but has the same essence...
Victorian Courduroy Jacket by Free People