Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's My Party! Yeah, About That...

I really want to have a Halloween party.  As we are trying to save money this year, and most of my friends are not crazy abt this holiday, this will not likely happen.  But that doesn't stop me from checking out adorable invitations on Tinyprints

If only I weren't terrified of crows...

Halloween Party Invitations Crow's Nest - Front : Black

Alcohol humor- gotta love it!

Studio Basics: Halloween Party Invitations Sanguine Soiree - Front : Spanish Red

This is more my style generally...

 Halloween Party Invitations Dazzling Frame - Front : Black

I really like purple in Halloween decor...

 Halloween Party Invitations Ghoulish Goblet - Front : Amethyst

For Pumpkin Fans...

 Halloween Party Invitations Pumpkin Silhouettes - Front : Black

Almost cute- but why is it brown?  Black, helloooo!

 Halloween Party Invitations Classic Candies - Front : Coffee

Cutesy & Punny.  

 Halloween Party Invitations Itsy Bitsy  - Front : Rich Red

And what's an imaginary Halloween party without refreshments??

Ghost Cupcakes!


Apple "Critters" (they used almond slices for the "teeth")


Love, love, love the flower detail, haha!


Potion Punch


And finally, the decor.... Oh Pottery Barn, you make me lust you...

  Glass Cloche, Small

These faux crows would scare the **** outta me, but then again, I just hate birds in general...

Black Sitting Crow

It's all in the details...

Skeleton Hand Condiment Set

What's a Halloween party without a cauldron or too??
Cauldron Punch Bowl

Crate & Barrel has a great table runner (but not much else, in my opinion; their Christmas is always much better than their Halloween) :


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  1. I wish I could go to a Halloween party! I still have a Velma costume that I haven't been able to wear.