Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Right on Target...

Ok, I love Target.  Like, love it so much I'm no longer allowed to go alone bc I spend to much... Seriously.  When I first got my own apartment, I can't even tell you how many hours a week I spent at Target.  Whether it was browsing greeting cards (to which I am addicted, and have a hard time not buying $50 worth each time I go to the store), checking out their designer lines for cheap! cheap! (yes, important designers make specialty lines for Target... *swoon*), or  lusting after their home interiors, I was in heaven...

Nowadays, I get my kicks browsing  I intentionally *do not* have one-click shopping.  I know better!  I have installed the one-click "add to my wishlist" browser button from (click here to get it too!), which is almost as satisfactory as clicking "add to cart"...  This way, I've marked it as "buy this in the future when you have $$$", which may or may not ever happen, and I can just delete it if I don't get around to buying it before the season changes.  Seriously, guys.  "Add to Wishlist" has probably saved me tons of money.  My husband loves it.

Ok, back to the point of this post... Fun things I found on today!

ALL on clearance...

Thomas O'Brien Frame (which I happen to own and paid full price for...), $5.19  (originally $12.99)

Thomas O'Brien® Oval Antiqued Mirror Frame - 3x4"

Marcello Medallion Sheer, Moonglow/Wine, $6.24   (originally $24.99)   STEAL!

  Marcello Medallion Sheer - Moonglow/Wine

 Ok, I like this bc I had a Siamese cat growing up...
Bleeker Pillow, Moe Pillow $27.98/ea.  (originally $69.99)

  Bleeker Pillow Moe Pillow

 Axis Imex Natural String Lined Baskets, Set of 3, "Essence Spa", $23.98  (originally $79.99)

Axis Imex Natural String Lined Basket Set of 3 - Essence Spa

 Green Vibe, 4ct. Placemat Settings, $8.98  (originally $29.99)

  - Green Vibe 4-pc. Plcmt St - 14x19

 Mirrored Glass Frame - HC Brick, $3.28  (originally $10.99)

  Mirrored Glass Frame-HC Brick 4x6"

Haha, this reminds me of my brother a little... I guess  you could use it for a themed party???
Torch Beverage Dispenser,  $6.98  (originally $19.99)

Torch Beverage Dispenser

 New East Origami 4pc. Condiment Serving Set  (not what I'd use it for...), $9.98  (originally $24.99)
& Set of 4 Dipping Bowls, $5.98  (originally $19.99)

New East Origami Dipping Bowl Set of 4
New East Origami 4-pc. Condiment Serving Set

Paint By Number Gerber Daisy Wallpaper (Target sells wallpaper?? What?), $21.24  (originally $84.99)
  Paint by Number Gerbera Daisy Wallpaper

Add Depth to Your Table...
Luster Flower Plates Set of 6, $4.48  (originally $17.99)

Luster Flower Plate Set of 6 - Assorted (8")


  1. I looooove the "New East Origami 4pc. Condiment Serving Set "

  2. I love the pillows, the cat one especially. It reminds me of Claire. And those placemats are amazing, so bright and colorful.