Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let's Talk Tiffany...

When I got home from the grocery store today, the newest Tiffany catalogue was in my mailbox- yay!  I must say- you don't even have to open this seasons pamphlet to find something lust-worthy.

On the cover, introducing their newest addition to the Tiffany brand, are these fabulous "Holly" clutches (shown in satin, also available in camel leather, and a few shades of crocodile) :


That's right- Tiffany now does handbags.  Oh. My. Gawd.  Could I be any more in lust???    >Sigh<

It gets better... voila, the "Bracelet Bag" (in satin):

So as quickly as my little hp will allow, I was on checking out other handbags not featured in the catalouge.  Here are a few of my favs- Enjoy!

"Galaxy" Clutch

"East Side" Tote - screams professionalism!


"Morgan" Jeweled Clutch...

"Savoy" Clutch

And of course, no collection is complete without a slouchy hobo.. the "Taylor"...

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