Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ok, I Said I'd Get to It...


What was she thinking?!?
Just really, what in the world. 
You know she paid someone to pick out this outfit for her.
What in the freaking world.

After these disasters,'d think she'd have fired this dim-witted stylist she's using, but no.  Stick with 'em and continue to look tragic. 

Just sad.

This is so ridiculously unflattering.  It completely rounds her out.  Trying to show off the legs bc they are still in good shape?  I get that.  Making yourself look fatter by wearing a scoop neck dress?  I don't get that.


The way the slits in the sleeves fall, they even accentuate the roundness.

The skirt has no shape and doesn't do ANYTHING for her. And the way the lines of the top go out- she looks so much bigger unnecessarily!  Whatever happen to highlighting the girls??? Did she even wear a bra?  I feel like it's "Where's Waldo" when it comes to her waist.

I don't care if she's gained a little weight- she still has a freaking figure and her stylist should know that!  Even if she's hiding a baby bump, there are MUCH more tasteful ways of doing that!  Just, AHHH!

Seriously.  Just what was she thinking???

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